Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reflection of Summer 2013

This summer I started my M.E.T. at Boise State after a year of looking into various programs.  I knew that this was a good program, but really just needed to dive in and a co-worker helped me decide on Boise State.  Thanks +Nathan Wendlowsky!  Then after speaking to a long-time friend,
+Denise Holder, she applied as well.  I wanted to set myself up for success because two people that I known very well are in this program with me.  I don't feel alone.  The small group circle that we had to make for 501, then added more Coloradoans.  It's been great getting to know Deborah Powers and I loved the connections I've had with others through both classes this summer.

I am very much like most people.  I am social and like to work with people.  The more people that I connect with, the more comfortable I am, and the more investment I will put into it.  This program so far has been exactly what I need.  People want to learn with purpose yet, we are still social beings.

It's been interesting watching my teenagers see me learn.  I'm not going to classes and all boys have "watched" me embark on coding webpages, which was all foreign to me.  They saw me work long hours on assignments for both classes.  My 15 year old said that he would really like to just do "projects," like I am.  He stated that I didn't have to listen to teachers talk all day and take tests.  But I did have to re-record everything I did for 501 about 5 times and listened to Lydia videos or watched the assignment videos for 502 stopping and starting for hours.  Honestly, I enjoyed the whole experience.  The boys watched that part too.

I've had a wonderful introduction to this program this summer, thanks so much to the teachers that helped make it a great experience, +Anthony Saba and +Lora Evanouski.  I enjoyed learning new tools to help me with the technology process and synthesizing my own information through research to produce a quality product was the higher level thinking that we want our students to do.  It was powerful to experience this first hand.

I loved the use of Google+ and Blogger and will showcase this learning at the Rocky Mountain Google Summit in August.,  I am ready to move forward!

Websites Created 
Portfolio Started - includes this learning log