Thursday, July 25, 2013

School Evaluation Summary

This has been a great assignment to end this course with as well as the summer.  I have enjoyed the fact that I have spent hours analyzing where our school is, what we need to do to improve and even have some great resources to put that plan into action in the upcoming school year.

Knowing of these technology Master Benchmarks is a wonderful resource that I didn't know even existed.  Our district had formal technology plans as of 5 years ago because the federal government wouldn't allot monies if you didn't have each school provide them.  We complied beautifully.  However, when it's not "required," many schools didn't produce them.  At this same time, there were severe cutbacks to our technology teacher positions in our building and our district.  I think that is where the ball got dropped and never picked up again.  

Technology isn't a fad.  It isn't going away.  It is here and forming a plan is a "Must Do" for our staff at our school.  Regardless of what is required, after this assignment, I know that this is best practices for technology improvement.  We won't see 100% of the success we deserve and work hard for if a plan isn't in place.  I want to share my survey and my evaluation with my principal and people at the district level.  There is perhaps a district technology policy but I couldn't find one.  This probably should be shared at the school level so that we know the direction we are going in.  There is obviously a district budget that this year has provided additional monies to schools computers that are outdated and no longer able to run programs effectively.  They have also provided additional monies to bump up the wireless capabilities for all schools. And they have provided money for a cohort of "blended learning" classrooms to study this model and see where it fits within our district.  So I know that we are moving ahead.  I am sure glad that I am moving in the right direction as well.

School Survey

School Evaluation Summary