Monday, September 2, 2013

Creating Playlists on YouTube and Lesson Plans for Affective, Cognitive and Psychomotor Domains

Creating Playlists on YouTube is a teacher must have and must do.  Please follow my channel MrsMullerGrade2 on YouTube and see how many playlists I currently have.  Teachers are curators of great content for our purposes and standards.  Creating playlists helps you organize all the goodies that you find for your students.

Below is a quick tutorial for creating playlists on YouTube:

After learning how to create a playlist, you can now combine videos together and create lesson plans surrounding those videos.

Below you will find excellent examples of lessons created with playlists using affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains.

Affective Domain- Bullying Prevention - Playlist and Lesson Plan

Cognitive Domain - Science Inquiry - Playlist and Lesson Plan

Psychomotor Domain - How Things Work - Playlist and Lesson Plan