Tuesday, October 22, 2013

YouTube Vidoes Galore.......

The past two weeks, I have produced some significant videos that are showcasing my students learning.  I feel so grateful for the YouTube 533 class that has me using Camtasia so often that I can actually find shortcuts to help me with the videos.

The assignment for the course this week was to produce a video using a powerpoint presentation, recording that with voice into a video that will teach something.  Again, I struggled with ideas of what to do.  I have so many ideas, yet I really want to produce videos that I can actually use again and again in my classes or presentations.  Because I have developed a presentation for blogging, I decided to use that as my idea.  My blogging presentation that I have used at various conferences was too broad and not visual enough, but it gave me good information that I could reference to while I was speaking during my recording of the presentation.

I wanted to use my students in this video because they are my best visuals.  I included a video that my students made last year as well as the poem videos that I just created with my students this year.  I used many annotations from Camtasia to highlight certain aspects of the video.

Timing is so very important and I continued to make sure that I put as much as I could in the video without rushing or extending the length of the video that may not be necessary in teaching my concepts.