Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Video Remix

    "No research supports decreased recess or P.E. time!"  - Becky Muller

Creating a video remix was challenging for me.  I understood that videos from Public Domain and Creative Commons were free to use according to their copyright, as well as pictures and music.  I, also, figured out how to download those videos in the appropriate context along with YouTube videos.  Adding, editing, cutting and remixing of the videos was good practice.  But those were not the challenging aspects for me.  The most challenging part was the idea of what I wanted to teach with this remix.  I watched hours and hours of Public Domain videos and YouTube videos waiting for inspiration and purpose.  I felt like a writer with writer's block.

The idea of teaching or sending message about the importance of exercise came from a conversation my cohorts were having about a school that eliminated recess.  We were all agreeing that this wasn't a good idea, yet we have heard that schools are doing this everywhere so that they can focus more on academics.  We then started to speak about the Wellness Policy that our state has adopted and how we are meeting those standards as a school.  I am pleased to say that my school is doing some great things around wellness and are even thinking about having recess before lunch, so that kids have time to eat.

 After this research, I am finding myself doing more "brain breaks" using exercise with my students.  I was very intrigued that conversations from the 50's were the same as conversations today.   Just as they had to fight for what they believed was good for kids, we are doing the same today.

I can appreciate the value of other's video, however, I really enjoy creating my own.  I love showcasing my students in a valuable way.  They have amazing ideas and thoughts that I love sharing.