Sunday, June 15, 2014

Teachers and Machines

TED Talk with Greg Toppo, below.

As I first noted the Ted Talk we were required to watch, I knew that it would spark some great thoughts in my mind.  I have been listening to Ted Talks when they were just “podcasts”.  I loved the quotes from history that still hold true today.  I also enjoyed the progressiveness of those innovators in the past and wonder if we as MET students are embarking just the beginning of tech integration and use.   
When visiting the Google Complex in Mountain View, CA last December, the theme for this professional development was “You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know!”  Education has always had challenges including lack of teacher training, cost, inaccessibility of equipment, and content appropriateness (Cuban, 1986), and these challenges remain.  The research on educational technology is very new and technology is changing so quickly, how can we catch up?  We must rely on proven strategies that include multiple theories that work with students and then integrate technology to help in this process. We must begin by educating ourselves and continuing to search for what we don’t know.
Before posting this response, I was very interested in everyone’s reflections and in them I linked some information that I thought others may be interested in.  One of my favorite videos on encouraging/teaching innovations is .  
Also, a post discussing the SAMR model was brought up.  Here is helpful blog and pdf that shows technology tools using the SAMR model.  

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