Friday, May 2, 2014


Reflection may be thought of as an approach or method for improving the quality and depth of our student’s learning. Reflection can be a way of thinking about learning.  It might help individual learners to understand what, how and why they learn. Developing the capacity to make judgments and evaluating one’s own learning may deepen understanding.  Actively thinking about what was experienced and how that might affect change for other learning could be a powerful tool for the learner.

During the course of Integrating Technology in the Classroom Curriculum EDU541, I’ve had many times to reflect on my learning and on what changes I would incorporate another time or another assignment.  Applying what I’ve already learned in my other M.E.T. classes has been a goal of mine that I feel I’ve accomplished.  Please visit the site created for this course.

My belief that there are many ways to creatively reflect on learning, inspired me to create this prezi.
I've grown so much with each assignment in this course as I evaluated and understood the necessary steps to integrate curriculum from my district, state and common core standards with technology. The projects, lesson plans, web quests and sites I created will be a useful resource to all of my PLN.

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