Monday, February 24, 2014

Relative Advantage for Presentations

Presentation software has been around since the 1990’s. Even though Powerpoint and Keynote are still quality software programs, the real relative advantage of presentation in the classroom is for students and teachers to create content and have a place to showcase their own learning.  Paying for presentation software isn’t necessary when google presentations and haikudeck are available for students and teacher for free.   

Haiku Deck is a great example of all necessary features of a good presentation.  Their “Keep it simple” rule applies because it limits your text and makes the creator focus on a single idea.  Building your story around high-impact images that are curated by availability through a creative commons license makes it easy to find great pictures.  The formatting stays consistent and it’s fun to use.  Embedding the haikudeck is easy as well as downloading it to a powerpoint format or pdf.  

Using Haiku Deck for over a year has been a great experience for all of my videos and presentations that I have created.  It was just an ipad app and is now available online and the iphone app will be coming soon.  

Technology is evolving and students need to also use various platforms to show their abilities, expertise and proficiency.  Gone are the days for students to cut and paste without actually learning anything.  There are many engaging programs like Google Presentations that can be collaboratively shared with groups of students and using higher levels of Blooms taxonomy have them create the content to share and teach others.

Presentation software can be used for so many things other than a presentation.  Videos, infographics, comic strips, etc can be used with presentation software.  Giving students choice is important and letting the technology evolve as students do.

As an educator, I find that I use google presentation along with Haiku Deck for almost everything that I develop for my students and my professional development that I prepare for.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

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